Seamless Integration of AI in Patient Health Journey


Identity Management

Identify and authenticate the patient.


  • Face ID based Check-in
  • Multi-factor Authorization
  • HIS Based Registration Auto-fill
  • Care-Giver based Check-in
  • Last Visit Tracking
  • HIS Aadhaar Integrated
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Medical Document Management

Store & tag medical records to aid in patient health record creation.


  • Document Reception
  • Inspection, and Routing
  • Automated Document Processing and Decision-making
  • Compliance
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e-Claim generation and submission

Simplify claim transactions with AI-driven Automated Claim Generation and Automated Claim Processing.


  • Digitize Documents
  • Extract and Encode in FHIR
  • Generate Claim Form
  • Submit Electronically.
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Discharge Management and Post Acute Care

Generate standardized patient health record.


  • Data standardization
  • Clinical Journey creation
  • Population health management
  • Chronic and transplant patient management.
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Overall Hospital Performance

For Identity Management


  • Streamlined Data Collection
  • Integrated Data
  • Standardized and Governed Data
  • Real time Reports and Trends
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